FootWearing Rating System v1

Internal Cushioning

Our Internal Cushioning method tests the internal cushioning of each pair of shoes we review. We understand the measurements and shock absorption attributes of each cushioning and rate it accordingly.

Arch Support

We stress test every shoe’s Arch support by applying pressure and taking measurements of the overall thickness of the material. We also compare the material specifications for each shoe’s arch support.


Testing the materials for breathability is also done in our labs. We ensure that products that claim excellent breathability are up to the task with our steaming and condensation tests. We also check if specific areas of the shoe are watertight if they are advertised as such by the manufacturer.


We test the traction and the ease of stopping of all shoes we review. We try on wood floors, tile floors, dirt, gravel and concrete.

Material Quality

Material quality is very important. For that reason, we have multiple checks on how tear-resistant shoes are and what their flexural strength is. In addition, we dissect and investigate the stitching and glueing of all layers.